Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Genealogical Oddities (LI): An English Gentleman in C17th Galicia

At La Coruña's parish of Santiago on 10 April 1613, Manuel, son of "Guillermo Salder", described as an English gentleman, and his wife "Doña _na" was baptised. The godparents' surnames were abbreviated as "Spta", and they were stated to be Manuel de "Spta", Veedor y Contador de la presente de guerra, and his sister Doña Francisca de "Spta". The witnesses were Captain Mesa, Captain Sigler and Ensign Hidalgo.

Not much to go on in terms of establishing the identity of this caballero inglés. Though his surname is written as Salder, one wonders if he may have been named William Sadler?

SOURCE: Archivo Histórico Diocesano de Santiago de Compostela, Baptisms 1601-1636 of the parish of Santiago in the city of La Coruña, p. 44 verso.

Monday, 18 July 2016

Genealogical Oddities (L): Denbighshire Pritchard in C19th Spain

On 15 January 1809, Joseph Pritchard, son of Robert Pritchard native of 'Bicksan' in Denbighshire & his wife Anna Robinson, native of 'Lincon' in Lincolnshire, and said to be a parishioner of its parish of St Sebastian, was baptised at La Coruña's parish of San Nicolás. The record notes that the father was in Spain as a soldier helping defend the country during the Peninsular War. ("El padre era soldado que vino al auxilio de España".)

SOURCE:  Baptisms 1806-1813, Parish of San Nicolás (La Coruña), P. 126 verso, Diocesan Archive of Santiago de Compostela

Monday, 27 June 2016

Genealogical Oddities (XLIX): C19th Anglo-German Military Musician in Galicia

On 5 June 1806 at Ferrol's parish of San Julián, the chaplain of the Navarra Regiment of Volunteers christened a child Felipe Marcelino, the son of Don Maximilian Chase, musician of said regiment, and Doña Martina Pien. The child's paternal grandparents were stated as José Chase, native of Germany, and Ana María Ulbrich, from Corcubión in Galicia; the maternal grandparents, Pedro Pien and Paula Fernández - she possibly a native of Ferrol, though at this point the entry is unclear. This record was the subject of a delayed entry into the register on 19 September 1825, presumably at the behest of the father; or, perhaps, Felipe had followed in his father's footsteps and was then serving in the same regiment? The entry raises some interesting questions, not least of which is, how an Ulbrich family came to be in the Galician town of Corcubión, and also - assuming the entry is not in error, and that it genuinely was Maximilian and not Ana who was born in Germany - what Maximilian's origin was, given that to the best of my knowledge Chase is not a surname native to Germany.

SOURCE: Military Parish of San Francisco, Ferrol, Baptisms 1815-1835, Page 247 verso; Navy Museum Archive, Madrid

Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Irish in Spain (VIII): Two Irish Ladies Who Died in Cádiz in 1759

On 4 January 1759, Ana Donovan (also written once as Inés Donovan, so perhaps actually Agnes?) aged 54, native of Kilkenny, died in Cádiz, her burial taking place the next day. On 30 January 1759 Maria Dodd, aged 47, native of the parish de "Butifinensis" in County Cork, Ireland, the widow of "Guillermo Shee" (William Shea) was buried.

SOURCE: Cathedral of Cádiz (Sagrario), Burials, Book 16, Pp. 14 and 17 verso

Thursday, 17 March 2016

Irish in Spain (VII): An O'Reilly-Dymock Family in C18th Málaga

On 18th November 1725 at Málaga's church of San Juan Bautista, Gabriel O'Reilly married Elizabeth Dymock. He was born at Troyes (France), the son of Michael O'Reilly and Mary Tallon; she was from "Dunan" (Doonan?), Ireland, the daughter of Francis Dymock and Catherine Quigly.

This couple had at least one child; a boy, Miguel Máximo, was baptised to them at Málaga's cathedral on 30th May 1728. That record simply describes their origin as 'of the Irish nation'; it states that they resided in Málaga's Espartería street and that the infant's godparent was Friar Prosper Colan, an Augustine monk. Names in these records are given in Spanish and surname spelling is inconsistent, so O'Reyli, O'Reylly, Dymoke; Miguel, María, Isabel, Francisco, Catalina.

SOURCES: Marriages 1722-1733, Church of San Juan Bautista, P. 93 verso; Baptisms 1720-1729, Cathedral (Sagrario), P. 257 verso. Both churches in Málaga, records now at the Málaga Diocesan Archive.

Monday, 29 February 2016

Genealogical Oddities (XLVIII): A Scots-Irish Physician In C19th Caracas

An entry in the baptism register for the Cathedral of Caracas (Venezuela) refers to the baptism in December of 1823 of Juan Jesús María, born on 30th May of that year, son of Dr Juan Geagan and Felipa Outlaw.

No particulars of Dr Geagan's origin are given in the baptism entry, but he must be the same J.F. Geagan, Doctor of Medicine, mentioned warmly in the Gaceta de Caracas newspaper on 13th December 1821 as having been a benefactor to Venezuelan exiles on the island of Trinidad, whom he treated there for free after the Battle of Golfo Triste against forces supporting Spanish control of Venezuela. In that article, he is stated to have been a graduate of the University of Edinburgh, and welcomed to the newly-independent country as a friend.

SOURCES: Baptisms 1790-1862, Cathedral of Caracas, P. 118, Image online at www.familysearch.org; Gaceta de Caracas, 13 December 1821, Online at http://saber.ucab.edu.ve/bitstream/handle/123456789/29237/GC_18211213.pdf

Monday, 18 January 2016

Curiosidades Genealógicas (XLVII): Un parroquiano de Albalate del Arzobispo casa en Calanda

Quienes hemos investigado alguna vez la genealogía de alguna familia asentada en este pueblo turolense sabemos de sobra la triste situación de su patrimonio documental, habiendo sido destruido en los años 30 tanto su archivo parroquial como su registro civil. Por eso, comparto aqui este matrimonio celebrado en la parroquia de Calanda pero que acaso aporte algún dato útil para algún investigador con raíces en Albalate.

El 11 de junio de 1725, Don Gaudioso Muniesa, natural y parroquiano de Albalate del Arzobispo, hijo de Don Juan Gerónimo Muniesa y de Doña Isabel Las Marias, naturales y parroquianos de Albalate, casó con Doña Violante Navarro, viuda del difunto Don Miguel Villanueva q murió y esta enterrado en Calanda.

FUENTE: Archivo Parroquial de Calanda, Matrimonios 1716-1733, P. 21