Friday, 10 February 2017

Genealogical Oddities (LIII): A Somerset Family in early C19th Spain

The church of San Jorge, La Coruña
[photo: Diego Delso,, License CC-BY-SA]
On 13 May 1812 at La Coruña's parish of San Jorge, a boy named Juan Francisco Pedro Regalado Tark was baptised. His parents were named as Jorge Pedro Tark and Isabel Hovié, both natives of the parish of St Mary Magdalene in the English city of Taunton. His paternal grandparents were stated to be Roberto Tark and María Ilman; the maternal grandparents, Guillermo Hovié and Francisca Whitelock.

This couple had at least one more child, baptised at the same church on 18 Nov 1813: Antonio Román Tark, in whose record all the particulars given are essentially the same except that his mother and father are described as natives of 'a suburb of London', and the priest has had some difficulty with the maternal grandmother's name, which he renders as 'Huithiloefi'.

I assume the English names of the adults mentioned above would be: Robert Tark, Mary Ilman, and Frances Whitelock, but I cannot hazard a guess as to what surname was intended by 'Hovié', unless perhaps it was actually a French or Huguenot surname.

SOURCE: Archivo Histórico Diocesano de Santiago de Compostela, Baptisms 1806-1813 of the parish of San Jorge in the city of La Coruña, p. 268 verso; and Baptisms 1813-1818, P. 52.

Thursday, 19 January 2017

Irish in Spain (IX): Plunkett and Macdonnell, 18th century Tarragona

On 7th July 1717 at the Cathedral in Tarragona, Balthazar Plunkett, 1st Lieutenant in Diego 'Magdonel''s company of the Vendome Infantry Regiment, a native of Gibstoun in Ireland and the son of 'Don Joan Plunquet' deceased and 'Doña Rosa Plunquet i Dilon', married Teresa Fitón of Tortosa, the daughter of Dr. Francisco Fitón, deceased physician, and María Fitón i Bisiano, deceased.

These names are rendered in Catalan format with phonetic spelling but I assume the persons referred to would have been known as James MacDonnell (or perhaps Jacob MacDonnell?), John Plunkett, and Rose Dillon; and the locality to which it refers is likely Gibbstown, Co. Meath.

SOURCE: Marriages 1717-1741, Tarragona Cathedral, p. 5 verso, at the Arxiu Històric Arxidiocesà de Tarragona.